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A Note From Your Administrators:
Nexus nearly reached its 15 year mark in RPing. Hard to believe, right? Unfortunately, it'll never reach that special benchmark--and that's okay! After fourteen years of experiencing the world of 616, RPing with players who were tremendous and creative, plus the many ups and downs that comes with fellow writers, the staff at NeXus thank you for being apart of our little community. With amazing respect to everyone involved and to those who added their own unique touches to our X-Men-verse, it's been my pleasure to RP with all of you!

To make this final: NEXUS is closed.

See ya on the flip-side, bub.
- Sax (Head Administrator)
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NEW STUDENTS: Please click here!
  • The term Krakoa is not the same as karaoke! Krakoa does not like opera at 3am, people!
  • Detention has been renamed to: How to clean toilets using only your tongue by Toad.
  • Please don't sing Ice, Ice, Baby to Professor Drake. Icicles do not belong up people's noses.
  • Sign-ups for Headmaster Logan's newest club, Bamf Hunts: Because They Stole My Damn Whiskey starts soon!
  • Please welcome all new students!
  • Join Kid Omega's after school group, "WORLD DOMINATION!" and earn a FREE city block in 2025!
Jean Grey School for Higher Learning
A new student hand guide.
Hello students,

This is to let you know what I expect from you as new students to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. First, we follow our motto: We're the best there is at what we do. Second, you all get new toys. Once enrolled and moved in, you'll own the following:
  • - Personal tablet
  • - Jetpack (unless you can fly by other means)
Your tablets will contain your personal agenda and homework assignments alongside the typical internet services. All of your classes have been predetermined to fit into your preexisting curriculum. That's fancy talk of saying we know what classes you took before, and we'll be sure to continue from there.

We expect all students to be on their best behavior and to follow student guidelines. Be on time for your classes, respect your teachers and peers, and be aware the grounds outside of the school are alive. We also have creatures called "Bamfs" running around. Don't provoke them. They bite.

All students will be evaluated on both their academia and physicality at any point in time. Telepathic pop-quizzes and random danger room simulations can happen any time, anywhere. As a note, toilets randomly set themselves on fire. Let a staff member know when it happens. We'll fix it.

Don't forget. You're a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. We're the best there is at what we do.

Headmaster Logan
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