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A Note From Your Administrators:
Nexus nearly reached its 15 year mark in RPing. Hard to believe, right? Unfortunately, it'll never reach that special benchmark--and that's okay! After fourteen years of experiencing the world of 616, RPing with players who were tremendous and creative, plus the many ups and downs that comes with fellow writers, the staff at NeXus thank you for being apart of our little community. With amazing respect to everyone involved and to those who added their own unique touches to our X-Men-verse, it's been my pleasure to RP with all of you!

To make this final: NEXUS is closed.

See ya on the flip-side, bub.
- Sax (Head Administrator)
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  • The term Krakoa is not the same as karaoke! Krakoa does not like opera at 3am, people!
  • Detention has been renamed to: How to clean toilets using only your tongue by Toad.
  • Please don't sing Ice, Ice, Baby to Professor Drake. Icicles do not belong up people's noses.
  • Sign-ups for Headmaster Logan's newest club, Bamf Hunts: Because They Stole My Damn Whiskey starts soon!
  • Please welcome all new students!
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Charles Xavier School for Mutants

Fac fortia et patere
Do brave deeds and endure

Welcome, Students. Here you will train to use your powers to defend those like us that cannot fight their own persecution. We will protect the innocent from those in authority that have time and again ignored, shunned, and sought to remove the 'mutant problem.' The X-Men have tried to bring awareness to the suffering of Mutants many times only to be ignored. We can no longer tolerate such bigotry to go unpunished and for the innocent to suffer under the hope this time will be different.

Here you will find everything necessary to survive, live, and flourish as young mutants. Instructors will help you complete your academic courses, but the focus will be on training for days to come. If you are here we hope you will fight for Mutant Freedom; freedom from persecution, rebuke, and violence. It is our hope to one day live peacefully side-by-side with non-Mutants, but for now we will do whatever it takes to protect Mutants wherever they may be.

Welcome to the Charles Xavier School for Mutants.

For now, please store your belongings in the dormitory and explore the facility. Classes will begin shortly.


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