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A Note From Your Administrators:
Nexus nearly reached its 15 year mark in RPing. Hard to believe, right? Unfortunately, it'll never reach that special benchmark--and that's okay! After fourteen years of experiencing the world of 616, RPing with players who were tremendous and creative, plus the many ups and downs that comes with fellow writers, the staff at NeXus thank you for being apart of our little community. With amazing respect to everyone involved and to those who added their own unique touches to our X-Men-verse, it's been my pleasure to RP with all of you!

To make this final: NEXUS is closed.

See ya on the flip-side, bub.
- Sax (Head Administrator)
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  • The term Krakoa is not the same as karaoke! Krakoa does not like opera at 3am, people!
  • Detention has been renamed to: How to clean toilets using only your tongue by Toad.
  • Please don't sing Ice, Ice, Baby to Professor Drake. Icicles do not belong up people's noses.
  • Sign-ups for Headmaster Logan's newest club, Bamf Hunts: Because They Stole My Damn Whiskey starts soon!
  • Please welcome all new students!
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New Posts Surface Level
The obscure, snowy tundra of Roanoke, Alberta, Canada. The surface ruins of an abandoned Weapon X facility still stand nearby. Strong firs weather the chill, and there's no one careless wandering through to worry about being seen.
2 37 Feb 17 2015, 10:52 PM
In: Panoramic Sunrise
By: Tempus
New Posts Hanger, Armory, & Medical
The Hanger is uppermost level of the facility buried inside the rocky terrain of the area. A long tunnel allows the School's jet rapid access to the outside. Equipment lockup is stored off to the side, and there's a shortcut straight to Medical one level down.
2 17 Apr 6 2015, 10:09 PM
In: Everything Hurts
By: Prometheus
New Posts Meeting & Danger Room
The Danger Room doubles as a common area and sits at the heart of the School three stories tall. Beneath it rests the large simulation-generating machinery. Many paths lead from this chamber to all other areas of the School. If the Danger Room is in use, please remain confined to the marked, outer perimeter while passing through.
4 31 May 13 2015, 11:39 PM
In: Seeking Answers
By: Tempus
New Posts Dormitories & Arboretum
The third and fourth levels circle the giant Danger Room core split between a large and lush arboretum for both food and relaxation (helps those with Seasonal Affective Disorder), and the comfortable though not luxurious dormitories for all residents and guests.
3 16 Apr 8 2015, 06:32 PM
In: Meeting the Master of Magne...
By: Magneto
New Posts Classrooms & War Room
On the fifth level, surrounding the Danger Room Generator, are the classrooms for the school's student body, and War Room for its faculty and those enlisted for missions out in the world when they're ready.
1 12 Jun 9 2014, 10:32 PM
In: Bending the Rules
By: Emma Frost (3)
New Posts Cafeteria & Storage
Toward the bottom rests the large cafeteria room, just as wide as the Danger Room two levels above it, with the storage area one level down to house the many supplies needed to survive. Below even the storage area exists an uncharted region that the faculty has sealed off from all students.
3 22 Jun 3 2014, 07:33 PM
In: Choke the Darkness
By: Emma Frost (3)

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