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 Seeking Answers, Tempus
 Posted: Apr 25 2015, 03:28 PM
17 years old
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Alan Clarke
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Angsty Sherlock

March 3, 2013
Danger Room

Alan stood, the cool water lapping at his knees. The sun was bright and shining, which would normally irritate Alan, but the Danger Room seemed to fix that issue. Although, recognizing he was in the Danger Room ruined the illusion. A real beach in Los Angeles wouldn’t be so empty, it wouldn’t be so clean, and he wouldn’t be there.

“... You know I’m right, and that’s what’s eating away at you,” the words called from behind him. It was Alan’s voice, almost. There was a sort of apathy tinging the edge of each syllable, a darkness lurking unsaid. It scared Alan. The teenager turned to look at Prometheus, trying to put on a brave face.

Prometheus looked exactly like Alan, at first glance. Same dark hair that tumbled lazily down to his shoulders, same pale stark white skin, same height, same weight, but... different. His eyes, for one. His eyes were a bright silver, near glowing white. His face was off in slight ways. His nose was a bit sharper, cheeks a bit thinner, chin a bit more pointed.

Of course, there was the raven as well. It was always in the corner of Alan’s eye, just out of sight. Alan hated it, nearly as much as he did Prometheus, and he wasn’t sure why. It hadn’t done anything to him, it hadn’t touched him, but it was always there, and Alan hated it. He couldn’t remember the first time he’d seen it, but when he was in the danger room, talking to Prometheus, it was the most visible.

It’s not even truly him, Alan reminded himself. It’s just a simulation, the danger room. He can’t do anything to you. He can’t hurt you. It didn’t make the fear go away. “You’re wrong. What’s eating away at me is that I don’t know how to get rid of you. But, when I do find out, trust me, I’ll be fine,” Alan retorted halfheartedly. He’d tried not to show too much of his fear. He didn’t want Prometheus to be able to use that against him.

Alan was suddenly struck by a feeling he hardly recognized. A feeling he’d had the first time he’d had trouble with bullies at school, the feeling he’d had when he’d broken his arm the first time, the feeling he’d stopped having recently. He wanted his father. He wanted his dad to hold him and tell him he’d be alright. He wanted his dad to give him some advice, some way to help him against this... thing.

No matter how much he wanted it, though, it didn’t happen.

Instead, he just watched as Prometheus laughed. “You can’t get rid of me, Alan. We’re linked. I thought you were smart, I mean, obviously not as smart as me, but still. I suppose not, up until I came to you, you were no one. Nothing special. What makes you think Eva’d ever want you?” Alan wanted to hit him, he wanted to surge forward and beat the program until it stopped. The words weren’t new to Alan, of course. He’d heard them in his head plenty of times.

Instead, Alan sat down in the cool water, closing his eyes and pulling his knees up to his chin. He uttered a word, and Prometheus was gone. Well, the program he’d used to give Prometheus a voice was gone. Alan was painfully aware how Prometheus was still there, even though he didn’t want to think about it. When he’d written the code he hadn’t been sure why, exactly. Something he could talk to. Confront. He hadn’t considered that Prometheus wasn’t exactly overly affected by his words.

He was still upset about Eva. He hadn’t meant for it to go the way it had, and it only took a few moments for Prometheus to tear down everything. Alan supposed he’d have to get used to the feeling. He wanted to go home, he realized. He'd never asked for Prometheus, he'd never asked to be a mutant. He hadn't realized how much it all hurt, he hadn't realized how much he missed his mom up until that moment, as he began to sob.
 Posted: May 13 2015, 11:39 PM
N/A years old
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Eva hobbled down the corridor towards the Danger Room. Most people would think it more sensible to rest up properly. Most people, students especially, would take advantage of the limitations presented by an injury like Eva's. While not life-threatening or permanently crippling, it certainly wasn't going to disappear overnight. Healing naturally, apparently, was the best way to go about things. Or they'd learn their lesson best that way. Anyway, Eva Bell wasn't really one to stay put much, even when hurt. She got bored, /very/ bored. It shouldn't be all that surprising that resting up quietly would be too much to ask of the girl. Eva was a clear thrill-seeker, an adventurer. She'd been at the school for a bit, but not long enough to shake her tendency to just do as should would. And what she would do...is not stay put.

Now Eva was wild, but not so crazy as to try for an actual Danger Room session yet. Not a fan of crutches, but not wanting to fall flat on her face either, Eva hobbled around with her prescribed pair of supports. I'll knock this down to just one though, next week. Stupid things got in the way so much, but they could be pretty handy too. It wasn't her first time on crutches, so an hour or so was all the girl had needed to maneuver about like a pro. Anyway, her trip to the Danger Room was not to test whether she'd suddenly acquired self-healing powers and could work out easily. She wasn't even going to try a sport or anything exciting. Honestly, the girl just wanted a change of scene. Eva had had her fill of snowy scenery lately, and found herself wanting a taste of home. She wouldn't do anything crazy - really! - just sit and absorb something a little more like home. Maybe something with water too. I can't climb, but water should be fine... But nothing crazy, Scouts' honor.

Not that Eva had ever been a Girl Scout.

As it happened, Tempus wasn't the only one with the Danger Room on her mind at the moment. In fact, someone had beaten her to it. Now this left her with some options. She could just forget about it and go, leave and come back, barge in - don't laugh, she's done it before, or sit here and wait. Eyeing her crutches, the Australian teen concluded that the limited number of activities (of interest to her) available right now meant that she might as well just sit here and wait for whoever was in there to leave. What if they've /just/ gone in there? If the person had just started, then she could be waiting a while unless it was something short. If they'd been in there for a while, it might mean that they were almost done or just screwing around anyway. If they're just messing about in there, I'm coming in. Rather, she /might/ come in, depending on what they were doing.

Choice made, Eva went to try and check the stats for the active session. While being far from a computer whiz, Eva wasn't a technophobe and she wasn't so inept that she couldn't figure out (and remember) how to check the stats for the current session. The girl's eyes were searching out a time duration, but got stuck on the user.


The two-tone-haired teen hadn't seen or spoken to the other since his big blow up in the infirmary. Not that that had been ages ago, so it was still quite fresh. The girl had been, to say the least, stunned. Boyfriend, he'd said. Alan thought she and Warren were dating or something. She puzzled over his rage for all of ten seconds before determining that she was too mad to make sense of it. The girl had almost reached out to try and smack him, but hadn't. She'd wanted to get Warren settled first. Later on, when she was able to think about everything without getting overly angry, the time-tripper was able to come to a conclusion - jealousy. Alan's weird behavior that day, the sniping, his powers turning him cold seemingly for no reason. He'd been..jealous. Despite understanding that now, the girl remained stunned. Alan liked her? Enough to flip out over her hanging out with another guy? It was something she hadn't been prepared for at all. And honestly, at the time, she'd been

Staring out at the miserable boy from the observatory- was he crying? - left Eva with quite the conundrum. What the girl wanted to do was sneak away and pretend she'd never seen this. She wanted to just leave, go find something else to do despite knowing she didn't want to do anything else other than use this room. But she didn't. Tempus stayed, sighing to herself as she grabbed her crutches and made her way down. I must live for awkward moments or something. Because hobbling out on crutches to go talk to someone you hadn't seen since they'd flipped out on you, as they apparently had a crush on you, was neon red flag of awkwardness. Eva wouldn't run away though. They'd have to face each other eventually, moreso than they would anywhere else..given their lack of other places to go outside of the school. Rather, lack of places to /easily/ go. With permission. Coming up on him, the computer announced her intrusion - Really need to figure out how to disable that - and cutting off any last chances to flee and regroup from this very impulsive decision. As she approached, it became apparent that Alan actually was distressed, sobbing by himself.

Eva shifted a bit, but totally wasn't squirming. Nope. "Hey, um," her voice cracked a little, and Eva coughed to clear it. Crikey, what was she supposed to say? Despite her uncertainty, Tempus' voice came out a little stronger the second time. "Hey Alan...you look kind of down." Not to mention the sobbing because she definitely wasn't going to mention it. "Do you want to talk about it?" She was actually still a little miffed about the whole thing, but not so much that she'd verbally assault him right now or ignore his clear misery.
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